I got back from africa on friday but this weekend i just had was so much fun with sunshine and friends that i couldnt bring myself to sit down infront of a computer. π

anyway im back and blogging in force. Round 1 of the world cup is done and what an awesome event it was. the track was fast as hell and the crowd was wild as ever. π

my race went to plan although i had a small bit of bad luck on the pedalling section in the form of a head wind. me and bryn took it pretty hard as it was kind of intermittent but hey ho. i feel like my riding and fitness is right where it needs to be and i’m excited to get another solid 3 weeks of training under my belt before the travels start again. π

i ended up riding shimano SPD’s in my race which was cool, and the bike was performing like a champion!!! we all rode the 8.5 setting still and the fox racing shox keep the thing so dialled its amazing. i rode the cut down high roller two’s aswell which was new for me really but i was just really feeling the way they worked on the mixture of hard pack and dust. π

Greg put in one hell of a ride, so much strength to pull his time back down and the bottom what a hero. π


After the race Rob took us on an amazing safari as a treat, getting fresh wish all sorts of semi wild animals it was crazy. π